bookmark_borderHow To Dress Like A Stud (And Why You Always Should)

stud-manAs a man it is important to always dress like a stud so that you can get the attention of women who you may come across as you go about your day to day activities such as walking your dog, getting groceries, or even just taking out the garbage. Hey, you never know when some amazing lady is going to cross your path, so you had might as well prepare yourself in case today just so happens to be your lucky day.

The question then becomes “how to dress like a stud?” Certainly different cultures have different preferences and styles, but are there any things that can be recommended for men no matter where they live or what “tribe” they align themselves with?

Well, it never hurts to stick with classic looks that have been working for decades that are still around. Typically if a garment or outfit has been popular or perhaps even celebrated for 30 years or more, then it is something that you should consider adding to your wardrobe. For instance a well-fitted navy blazer with brass buttons. This is something that has been around forever, I don’t even know how long quite honestly, and it is still super popular, and something that any guy will look good in, whether he is short, tall, fat, thin or muscular.

A navy blue blazer looks good with shirts of almost any color and you can wear it with jeans if you want to be casual, or some grey slacks if you want to go for a dressier look.

Lets be real though, sometimes even a blazer and jeans is just too dressy for the occasion. So, what is a stud to do in these situations? There are a few different directions you can go in here, and not all of them are good. A lot of guys make the mistake of dressing like teenagers when they dress down, and dressing in an immature way is one of the stupidest mistakes that you can make when it comes to fashion.

This is why you should never ever wear cheesy t-shirts with big logos, baggy jeans or loud obnoxious sneakers. Leave those clothes for students at inner-city high schools. Instead keep sticking to the classics like fitted jeans, fitted shorts, plain v-neck t-shirts, boat shoes, and canvas runners.

One of the best things about casual wear is that you can get it very cheaply. This way you can buy a lot so that when you do go the casual route you can be sure that your gear still looks clean and fresh at all times!

bookmark_borderThe Three Best Outfit Tips For Meeting Women

couple on dateOk, here’s the deal guys: You need to dress to impress the ladies if you have any chance of success in your love life department. Unfortunately, a lot of guys simply have no idea how to dress these days (as we frequently discuss). Women certainly take note of these things and it can make all the difference in the world. So, I’m sick and tired of hearing about women complaining about guys who don’t know how to dress and I’m here to give you three tips that are guaranteed to help you succeed with the ladies.

Note: This is not to say that dressing to impress is the only thing you need to do to win a woman over, for more on this topic I recommend Bobby Rio’s Unlock Her Legs.

First, as a primer on this topic, dressing strictly for comfort is not in the cards here people. We all like to dress “comfortably” but when it comes to meeting women, you’ve got to have some style too! For starters, that means wearing something that isn’t too baggy, but not too tight either. What that means is that you need tailored clothing that will accentuate your body and compliment its natural shape.

Second, shoes are of vital importance. You’d be amazed at how important shoes are to women. After all, most women have several pairs of shoes. For whatever reason, for women, shoes make the man. That means, you can’t show up for a date wearing a ratty old pair of tennis shoes. You need to find a stylish yet comfortable shoe. You don’t want to go too formal so don’t go out and buy the most expensive Italian shoe on the market. Instead, do a little research on this guys—take a look at what’s recommended in the latest fashion magazine for this.

Third, never ever wear a sport coat with jeans. That should go without saying. We’re not living in the 90s anymore. Instead you need to find a nice shirt that is just the right balance of style and comfort along with a nice pair of jeans. Again, this will require some leg work and research on your part. Check out your local upscale department store and have the salespeople help you find what you need. That’s their job!

In the end, with a few simple alterations of your dress code, you can be a real hit with the ladies in no time at all.

For more tips on dating success watch the video below about a sneaky trick called “The Scrambler“…

bookmark_borderCargo Shorts – Are They Ever Acceptable?

Lately, it seems like cargo shorts are getting a lot of bad press lately. In fact, I even came across a dating profile from some chick who said that if a guy wears cargo shorts, or even owns a pair, he needn’t apply. Damn, I remember when cargo shorts were the coolest thing you could wear. I guess things change huh!?

Based on the fairly recent backlash against cargo shorts I would have to say that at this point these things really aren’t acceptable for any sort of social situation where you are going to be coming into contact with other people. They are just so out of style. That said, if you are going on a safari or something like that where you need to keep a lot of tools and trinkets and that sort of stuff in your pockets, then maybe cargo shorts are the way to go. However, I’ve never actually been on a safari, and part of me thinks that you might actually want to wear long pants in the jungle to keep bugs and snakes and other creepy-crawly things from getting on your legs and biting at your tender bits.

Nowadays it seems like everybody is opting for shorter, fitted shorts like the Chubbies featured in the video posted above. I must say that it really is crazy how much has changed in shorts fashions in the last twenty years or so. Back in the 90’s you would’ve been a laughing stock to wear tight little shorts in bright fruity colors. So my recommendation is to hold on to your baggy cargo shorts, because they’ll probably be popular again as the fashion trends cycle around again in ten or twenty years or so.

Personally I’ve always liked a baggier short because I find them much more comfortable, but I’ve been experimenting a bit with fitted shorter shorts and they aren’t really so uncomfortable, and they definitely look a lot more stylish than some baggy cargo shorts or mesh basketball shorts. I guess I’ll just keep those for when I’m hanging around in the yard…