bookmark_borderCargo Shorts – Are They Ever Acceptable?

Lately, it seems like cargo shorts are getting a lot of bad press lately. In fact, I even came across a dating profile from some chick who said that if a guy wears cargo shorts, or even owns a pair, he needn’t apply. Damn, I remember when cargo shorts were the coolest thing you could wear. I guess things change huh!?

Based on the fairly recent backlash against cargo shorts I would have to say that at this point these things really aren’t acceptable for any sort of social situation where you are going to be coming into contact with other people. They are just so out of style. That said, if you are going on a safari or something like that where you need to keep a lot of tools and trinkets and that sort of stuff in your pockets, then maybe cargo shorts are the way to go. However, I’ve never actually been on a safari, and part of me thinks that you might actually want to wear long pants in the jungle to keep bugs and snakes and other creepy-crawly things from getting on your legs and biting at your tender bits.

Nowadays it seems like everybody is opting for shorter, fitted shorts like the Chubbies featured in the video posted above. I must say that it really is crazy how much has changed in shorts fashions in the last twenty years or so. Back in the 90’s you would’ve been a laughing stock to wear tight little shorts in bright fruity colors. So my recommendation is to hold on to your baggy cargo shorts, because they’ll probably be popular again as the fashion trends cycle around again in ten or twenty years or so.

Personally I’ve always liked a baggier short because I find them much more comfortable, but I’ve been experimenting a bit with fitted shorter shorts and they aren’t really so uncomfortable, and they definitely look a lot more stylish than some baggy cargo shorts or mesh basketball shorts. I guess I’ll just keep those for when I’m hanging around in the yard…